About The Future Of Work Africa Project

Over the next generation, in the next 35 years, 1 in every 4 people in the world will be African. Right now, half of the African population is under 20, and the working-age population will expand by 20-30 million people per year, going from 530 million people in 2015 to 920 million in 2035, and on to 1.4 billion by 2055. By this time, most of the net growth on the world’s labor force will occur in Africa and by 2050, Africa will make up 25 percent over the world’s workforce.

The Future of work Africa project will explore how technology will disrupt Africa’s workplace; and the kinds of work that will be available; the report will delve into 4 critical components: Technology and how tech will disrupt the work place; Kinds of work that will be available and potential impact on Africa’s education system, shifting talent psychology and how corporates should position to attract, and keep top talent; innovations around work-place design and culture. Lastly, diversity and gender equality in the work place. The report will target business leaders, employees, HR heads, policy makers and Start-Ups on the African continent and is scheduled to be completed by Q1 2018.

Research Areas

Technology & Innovation

Africa’s adoption curve, opportunities to leapfrog, and how it will disrupt talent sourcing, engagement, collaboration and management. Skill/competency relevance, the kinds of work that will be available, and implication on Africa’s education system

Talent Acquisition & Retention

How should talent be sourced, managed, engaged and kept motivated? The psychology of talents, how it affects their productivity, and how it is influenced by workplace HR polices.

Diversity & Gender Equality

Understanding diversity and inclusion and their impact on innovation, engagement, creativity, productivity and other business outcomes

Work-space design & culture

What do modern work place designs and space optimization mean for Africa-based businesses today? And how is that expected to change within the next decade? Nature of work, corporate culture, management styles; and how organizations and HR leads can align with the changing human nature.


Our Research Methodology

Data Collection

  • Primary and secondary research methodologies across Africa
  • Controlled experiments where possible

Insight Gleaning

  • Develop and Test Hypothesis based on findings
  • Benchmark Findings
  • Carry out Predictive analysis

Reporting & Engaging

  • Develop FOWA Insights Report hold a stakeholders conference
  • Distribute report

Africa Snapshot


Collective worth of African companies on the London stock exchange


Expected Household consumption by 2025


Raised by African companies In the last ten years in the London stock exchange.


People, and 26% of world’s population by 2050


People with household incomes exceeding $5000 by 2020.


Expected growth of Consumer-facing industries by 2020

> 50%

Of Africans are under 20 years old. compared with only 28 percent in China


Expected discretionary household income in 2020

Our research will span across Africa,
from Cape Town to Lagos to Cairo.


Planned Surveys


Scheduled interviews


Seasoned consultants involved


Authoritative Results Expected


Our Team


The Future of Work Africa Report;
Launching Q1 2018.
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